Spiritual Guidance
Claire Victor Discusses The Process of Transformation

After a session with Claire,  I always have the experience of being
centered, peaceful and clear, having addressed my "issue" from the spiritual side.
Sincerely,  C.W


My role as a Spiritual Practitioner is to help individuals who are ready, make significant changes in their lives by first making changes in their consciousness. I use a process called, "Spiritual Mind Treatment," along with prayers of affirmation.As a mystic and intuitive healer, I help shift consciousness on behalf of and for the individual through the use of these tools.

More often, I take the role of spiritual coach. I am ready to mentor individuals as they unfold and teach spiritual principles that will support individuals in changing their lives for the better, while knowing that Divine Love is present and always working in all lives. 

I assist individuals in adopting new beliefs, perspectives and attitudes. As these things change, so does the personal vibratory frequency and the new "hum" becomes a powerful point of attraction. New situations occur, new opportunities show up, and new wisdom becomes second-nature in times of decision-making and critical thinking. Thoughts, feeling and actions change gently and consistently with the new beliefs.

Organizations, Groups, and Partnerships
The process of transformation as outlined above can also assist organizations in making changes in their business products and services. An organization is a public manifestation of the beliefs of the leaders and members and customer of the organization. To create change in an organization, transformation has to occur in the minds of the leaders, employees and customers. As a spiritual coach and transformational guide, I welcome the opportunity to help with organizations, groups, or even small partnerships.

This woman really knows how to get out of the way and let Spirit do Its work! 
I am so blessed to have her support during this darkest night of my soul. M.E.

Using Breath Work
I will guide the release of tension and anxiety from your body
You will feel more joy, freedom from old stress
Your emotional world will transform and you will make new choices
Ultimately, there will be a powerful feeling of relief from patterns that not longer serve you
You will live in greater harmony with your true essence soul self.

Quantum Light Breath
The Quantum Light Breath is a highly focused breathing meditation process that greatly accelerates the user’s personal transformation by bypassing the conscious mind and releasing old programs directly from the subconscious. It basically eliminates the need for analysis, painful emotional experiences, years of therapy or growth groups and unfruitful meditations.
It usually takes the user into an expanded state of consciousness. Universal love is experienced as a reality and notas an unreachable concept. There is a deep connection to the Universal Intelligence.

What to Expect from Quantum Light Breath Work
Deep and powerful changes to happen. The QLB (Quantum Light Breath) will clean out impurities and toxins from all the various aspects of your being, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The process is basically a meditation or inner experience. It was developed as a technique to cut through the mind without dealing directly with it. If we can change our attitude toward the mind, the mind itself will change because the mind is our own creation.

Most people will continue processing after the session is over, sometimes for several days. Your dreams may be strongly influenced, in turn influencing how you feel when you go through your day. Be especially watchful for old negative attitudes or painful emotions, since these have typically been repressed and are now rising to the surface. As this old stuff is activated you may feel that you are experiencing this wave of negativity coming from present situations.

Allow these emotions to be released without acting on them. If you act on them you will re-establish their importance in your mind and they will not be released or resolved.They quickly resolve and you will be free.


"I’d never thought it possible to get so high, so ecstatic, so expanded and to fall so deeply in love
with myself by just breathing air! This beats every drug experience I ever had.
And it’s legal, its free, it’s healthy."
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