Liberate your voice, your heart, and your mind in a safe,
joyful and uplifting exploration of the
frequency of Peace, Love and Light.

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Claire Victor

Claire Victor, 2012

I believe we come
into this world with our hearts already focused on the divine. Through socialization and cultural pressures, we forget
who we are and the veil descends.

I believe self actualization and illumination comes in small doses,
is cumulative, and is
happening all the time.

Each one of us has the
capacity to recognize,
accept, and claim this
information as our own,
to step out of the
veiled existence.

I believe we all have the power within to heal ourselves and
that all paths lead to
if that is our intention.
We can all learn to listen,
see and speak with
a new intention of love.



Claire sings in front of the choir

Claire Victor Plays singing bowls


Music is the language
of my heart.
It is my teacher, healer,
and creative muse...

As a life-long singer/songwriter, music director, and educator, I offer the expansiveness of my musical lifestyle, and my great creative passion to the work I do as a transformational life coach, shamanic sound healing practitioner, and personal enrichment guide.

The power of music to heal and transform lies beyond our current cultural understanding and yet, our ancestors knew and used music and sound in all their important life passages, healing processes, and mind-expanding experiences. As a young child, I witnessed first-hand the healing properties of music. I was extremely shy and stuttered, which made it very hard to talk and be understood. This condition created isolation and loneliness for me until my mother had the insight to buy me a guitar. As soon as I began playing and singing, my stutter went away.Music created a way to interact with people confidently. Passion filled my soul and swept me into the world of music. Here I learned how to be in relationship with others, how to find myself and how to express and learn to trust the deep inner calling of my own spirit, even when I had no words to describe that place. Music is the language of my heart. In addition to a long and rewarding career as a jazz singer, inspirational songwriter, and performing artist, I currently direct "The One Heart Choir", an 85 voice music ministry at the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, California.

I also facilitate workshops in sound expression, restorative voice, and offer shamanic sound healing sessions for groups and individuals.

 In my workshops, I present a variety of vocal teaching methods, acquired from the decades of training and performing in multifaceted musical arenas.

Using uniquely different approaches I have experienced and embraced through my own musical background and transformational studies, my goal is to support both singers and "non-singers" in reaching new levels of creative expression and emotional freedom through sound and spirit. Together we create a safe space to explore and learn to trust the inner voice and experience personal transformation thru the use of sound, vision & meditation.

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